Antonio Martinović

I’m a team lead and tech enthusiast, this is my place for writing about things I find interesting including, development, tech and leadership. I also enjoy asking the stupid questions and giving unsolicited advice.

There are no dumb questions

Why asking questions is a good thing and everyone should do it

Why I stopped learning

The importance of feeling motivated to learn more about what you do

Improvement days

The idea of letting everyone work on whatever they want for a set amount of time

Try to take it easy

We are often putting too much pressure on ourselves and it's not a good approach for life

Setup Elasticsearch on CircleCI

How to setup an ES cluster on your Circle CI pipeline to do integration testing

Merge Two History tables

Migration script in PostgreSQL to merge two history tables into a single one

Home .git

Versioning the contents of your home directory

KDE Connect commands

Use your Android phone to send commands to your computer

Hello world

Well it's a first post