Antonio Martinović

I’m a team lead and tech enthusiast, this is my place for writing about things I find interesting including, development, tech and leadership. I also enjoy asking the stupid questions and giving unsolicited advice.

Week 3: Picking up again

The third picked up the pace a bit, the challange was balancing it with other things in my life

Week 2: Slower second week but still building pace

The second week was always going to be a slower one based on my previous experience with my self, but I still managed to get some good work done

Week 1: Back to coding

A small experiment centered around at least 1 commit every day

Don't present solutions, present problems

Why involving others into solving problems can be a more better way to lead for everyone

Book commentary - Will Larson: Staff Engineer

A very insightful book, chock full on useful tips and experiences from other staff engineers

There are no dumb questions

Why asking questions is a good thing and everyone should do it

Why I stopped learning

The importance of feeling motivated to learn more about what you do

Improvement days

The idea of letting everyone work on whatever they want for a set amount of time

Try to take it easy

We are often putting too much pressure on ourselves and it's not a good approach for life

Setup Elasticsearch on CircleCI

How to setup an ES cluster on your Circle CI pipeline to do integration testing